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I hope to compile my thoughts and interests here while learning html. Feel free to visit however long you like; maybe I can show you something you'll find inspiring too. i hope that I can fill this place with things that inspire me so that whenever I'm feeling lost I can consult my mind's eye like a roadmap and find my way again.
website log
05/16/22: added new badges and my critter collection to homepage. I'm having some difficulty creating a satisfactory scrollbar for my website log.
04/29/22: I had just enough time in 4th period to add a few embellishments and placeholders to the links on my homepage. :)
04/25/22: M1ND'S EYE lives! After a handful of weeks of tinkering with html on and off, I think I've finally built a satisfactory foundation on my workshopping page and then relocated it here, where it can now be accessed by anyone. :) M1ND'S EYE is currently a rather empty homepage with a status panel, two article columns, a header with links, and a footer for badges.
It's been kind of hard to stay active on here lately as my last year of hs draws to an end, but I hope to maintain my site more regularly once testing ends and summer begins!
03/11/22: M1ND'S EYE is created and I begin learning how to code! I'm writing this entry way late because I didn't think to start a log at the time, rip. In the weeks that follow before the next entry, I code as I learn and end up with quite a tangled mess of html. I restart my homepage twice, each time extracting and elaborating on the things I learn. A note to myself and whomever else it may concern: keep and update a backup document of your code elsewhere as you make changes. Please.
Until I have the time to come up with something to put here, here is my growing critter collection: